My Client Portfolio includes small to big businesses covering a wide range of enterprises.

Amongst others,  I have offered my expertise in the following projects:


Google AdWords Display and Search campaigns as well as Facebook campaigns for the Philips’ microsite promoting the Philips Aquatouch shaving razor.

  HBO – marketing the TV series “Therapy”

Search and Display campaigns promoting the subscription package bundled with the TV series Therapy. YouTube advertising.

  Lego™ Duplo™ – microsite marketing

Search and Display Google AdWords campaigns promoting seasonal microsite competition site.

  Škoda Auto University – PPC Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns

CPC campaigns for the Skoda Auto University programs in the Czech Republic.

  City Storage Campaign

SEM, Display and Facebook campaigns for the European leader in personal and company storage solutions.

  Online Gaming Industry 

PPC Campaigns for the Game Legends of Zork, text and flash ads, aggressive CPA model, Facebook business pages, Facebook PPC ad campaigns, integration of Jolt online properties (Blog, Twitter, Facebook pages, YouTube channel)

  Travel Industry
Multilingual campaigns for the Hotel Happy Star, Facebook business pages, Google Places integration into the online presence

  Ecommerce B2B and B2C


Search and Display campaigns in Google Ads in the Czech market for the German B2B and B2C ecommerce store.